Milk & Mel

A journey to your promised land based on biblical principals

Embark on Your Journey to Personal Freedom


Welcome to Milk & Mel. I gave the site this name as a bit of a play on words! The focus is motivating you to reach your personal promised land – your land of milk and honey!

Making the transition into building your own business is no small undertaking and just the thought of it can be daunting! My way of motivating you is to share my own personal experiences in building and expanding my creative business from nothing, after taking a brave step out of the full time, 9-5 cycle and the various words of wisdom and direction I obtained from the Bible in order to help me on this journey.

My hope is that you will find this site a virtual place of rejuvination and motivation when needing that extra push to keep working towards your dreams and fighting towards your own personal freedom

By the way, I am Melissa (Mel) and you can find out more about me here

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