The Joneses – Death by Social Media

With the rise in reality TV and social media we have more access to the lives of other people than ever before! I love social media as it can be a great business platform as well as a platform for inspiration, motivation and information! However, for some it is a platform for embellishment and presenting a life or lifestyle that does not quite reflect their reality and for others, social media can be a “bully” pressurising them to feel the need to keep up with the social media “Joneses”

“I must eat at those places, I most own those things, I must have that hairstyle, I must travel there, my partner/family must behave like that”. This is extremely dangerous. As human beings, many of us are naturally competitive, but maybe we are focussing this competitive spirit on the wrong things. Feeling the need to keep up with things we see on social media, or planning the things we do or places we go in order to post great pics on social media takes our focus away from what’s actually important. Before we know it, catering to social media becomes an addiction and eventually becomes our main goal – something that much of our time and even our money goes into, while our more meaningful goals (and sometimes even our morals) go out of the window! All for digital likes and temporary admiration. Sadly, I have witnessed this with a few of my own friends and colleagues.

Put social media aside for a moment! Turn off your phone, take a pen and paper if necessary and sit and think for a moment. What do you really want out of life? What will truly bring you contentment. What will bring you a real sense of achievement and consequently impact your future in a great way and inspire those around you? Write these things down. Regain your focus and get to working on true, meaningful goals. The danger of keeping up with the “Joneses” is that you constantly feel the need to keep up – and eventually you will not be able to! What happens then?

Don’t focus on the “Joneses” and don’t try to be them, be you! That way you will not only have your own unique story to share, but the only person you will be trying to keep up with is yourself!

In our private community I share the various ways I have managed to use social media as a platform to promote my business services and things that are important to me

One thought on “The Joneses – Death by Social Media

  1. So true. Such good advice. I have reverted back to my good old pen and notepad. I need to take some time out to review a few things.

    Thanks for sharing.


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