Ideas Create Ideas

Often when we start a project we like to think about the bigger picture and how our small idea will become something great. It’s good to think about the bigger picture, but at times, this is what hinders us! When we can’t see how we will become great, we start to think our one, seemingly small idea just isn’t good enough and we end up not even giving it a try! The truth is, if we work on that one small, but good idea, we will start to have more ideas. I call it inspiration-as-you-go!

As we work on our ideas and more ideas come along that we also invest in, eventually, when we stop and take a look back at our journey, we will realise that we are either where we wanted to be or well on our way!

Everything great, lasting thing starts off small and this is where our decision to nurture that thing is most crucial. Nature is a great example of this. If we decide to continually nurture something while it is small, we will witness it grow into something wonderful and continue to flourish. I only have to look at my little boy to know how true this is!

Greatness doesn’t come to us, just like that! We don’t start off big and great and this is a good thing! Why? Because when we are nurturing, feeding and developing our small ideas and projects, we are also being nurtured and developing as individuals, being prepared to handle and to keep hold of the greatness that we will eventually achieve!

In our private community I share how my initial idea developed into something different and much greater than I had initially imagined all because I ran with that idea!


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