Do What You Want!

I once heard a pastor say in a sermon “whatever are doing right now shows what you want” This was truly food for thought and after a short while thinking about it I found it to be very true!

Often in life we may say one thing, while doing the complete opposite. We may say we want something, but everything we do shows that we don’t really want it. For example, let’s take the oh so common dieting dilemma. Many of us often say “I want to lose weight! I will start this week!” but this week comes and next week and the week after and we are still indulging on delicious, calorific foods! That’s because eating tasty food is what we really want to be doing. We may have a little desire to lose weight, but we don’t want it more than our desire for that food!

Think about what you are doing in life right now. You may say “I want a change of career” “I want to branch out” “I want to run my own business!” but if you are getting up everyday and going to the same 9-5, following the same routine, making the same plans with your wages and doing nothing in-between to work towards what you say you want, then you don’t really want it. What you really want is to be in that safe and secure 9-5. You may say “You don’t know m personal circumstances – I’m doing a job I hate because I have to do it!” That may be true, but another truth is that we were made to thrive. No matter what situation you are in, if you really want to get out of that situation, you will find a way. I faced a very tricky situation when I met my now husband. This situation caused me to question what I really wanted and to make some drastic, life-changing decisions! You can find out my story in our private community.

Think about your life and  the things you constantly say that you want in terms of your future, your goals. What are you doing now towards those goals? If the answer is “nothing” then maybe it’s time for re-evaluation, because maybe you don’t want those things enough


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