The Lonely Journey…

I recently went on a short break to the beautifully unique island of Tenerife. My husband, son and I stayed in the North of the Island in a 17th floor hotel suite with a gorgeous view of the ocean. During our stay I was obsessed with going out onto the balcony and watching the sea at every chance I got. Every morning, one of the first things I did when I woke up was to go out onto the balcony to hear the sound of the waves and watch the blue-green water turn to white as it crashed against the rocks…

One morning as I peered out at the formidable sea, I noticed what seemed like a tiny boat  making it’s way across the water. My first thought was “how scary! That little boat in the middle of all that water” However as I watched it go, the boat was steadily and quite swiftly moving in a certain direction, as if it was on a mission – and I guess it was! I then thought to myself “Actually, Im sure that whoever is in that boat is not afraid and is not focussed on whether there are other boats around. I am sure they are simply focussed on reaching their destination. As I continued to watch I no longer felt afraid for the little  boat. My fear turned to confidence. I didn’t know where this boat was heading, but I was sure it would reach it’s destination.

As I went to grab my camera to capture the little boat in action, I realised that this was the perfect illustration of our journey to achieving our goals and dreams. In life, everyone’s definition of personal success is just that – personal – and therefore, everyone’s goals, dreams and  consequently destinations are different. Because of this, not everyone will understand the direction in which you are going and this can make your journey to success a lonely one.

Naturally we love support and that is not a bad thing. There’s nothing like knowing that people are backing us and are supportive of what we do. There’s nothing like having someone there to motivate and encourage us when we are feeling discouraged. However, that won’t always be possible at every step of our journey. Sometimes the support just isn’t there! Sometimes we will find ourselves alone and in those moments, our true desire to reach that goal is tested! This goes to show that ultimately, our success is not dependent on the amount of support we have, the amount of people who rally round us or any other external thing. What determines our success is our sheer determination to reach our goals. This inner determination is what truly drives us and when we have it, regardless of our circumstance, regardless of favourable conditions, regardless of how long it may take, we will reach that goal.

At certain points in our lives we may find ourselves alone, in the middle of an ocean, with no company in sight, but if we keep focussed on the journey ahead of us and not one the circumstances around us, we will not only reach our destination, but we will also become brave enough and experienced enough to confidently set out to sea again and again, reaching a greater destination each time!


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